“Does stretching and jelqing really make your penis bigger? I heard and read a lot about this old Arabian penile exercise method to add girth and length to my penis, but does jelqing really work?” A user asked about jelqing and penis stretching.

If you've ever really longed for a bigger penis than what you have, then penis enlargement exercises are for you. Read on to find how you can enlarge your penis with penile exercises.

Stretching and jelqing methods have been used for centuries and still very popular as a way to enlarge penis naturally. These penile enlargement methods must be working and delivering results, otherwise they would be long forgotten by now. However, you won’t be able to see gains overnight. It’s like building muscles; you won’t put much if you don’t exercise regularly.

The stretching and jelqing exercises need to be performed regularly over the course of few months for you to start seeing real results. The best part is that these penile exercises can only take like 10 to 20 minutes a day! In fact, PenisHealth, which is the most recommended penile exercise program have designed a natural penis enlargement system that need to be performed for only 7 minutes a day to give you remarkable results. Seriously now, if you don’t have 7 minutes a day then you really need to forget about having a bigger penis!


The fact is stretching and jelqing can really make your penis bigger. Just look above at how  men just like you are getting amazing gains with a professional penile exercise program. Once you get into the routine of stretching and jelqing, you will before long start to see that it really get bigger! And you won’t be the only one; your partner will also notice the difference. It is amazing to wake up every morning with a larger and bigger penis!

There is a lot of information on jelquing and how to jelq properly that you can find right here or in other websites. However, the best approach to effective and safe stretching and jelqing exercises is to join a penile exercise program where you will find a large number of professional jelqing video demonstrations, in addition to professional guidance, 24hr customer support, a user forum where other men are sharing their experience, daily penile exercise routines and jelqing results.

There are many penile exercise programs that can help you with your stretching and jelqing exercises. However, as a member of the PenisHealth program, I strongly recommend it. It is very affordable and very effective. You should definitely try this jelqing program! You will be amazed when you first access their member area and their user forum and, trust me, you won’t ask again "does stretching and jelqing really make your penis bigger?"

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