A jelqing video tutorial is a must if you want to know how to jelq properly. There is no doubt that penis enlargement exercise such as jelqing exercises when properly executed can effectively help you add inches to your penis length and girth in addition to many other benefits such as improving your erection hardness, helping you with premature ejaculation problems, increasing your stamina and boosting your overall sexual performance.


Reading about jelqing or following a step-by-step tutorial may give you an idea, but seeing how it is really done on video will help you tremendously. A jelqing video demonstration is a great way to learn about jelqing and how to jelq properly.

There are many free jelqing videos on the net that are recorded by individuals exercising their manhoods. However, these self-made videos are often incomplete, lack professional guidance and may be misleading; and let’s keep in mind, penis jelqing exercises won’t be much of benefit to you if don’t perform them properly; and in the worst cases, badly executed jelquing may result in injuries to your penis.

A professional proper jelqing video demonstration will provide you with all what you need to know about the jelqing exercise from the right preparation, the proper hand position, the movements and speed, the required time and frequency of use, and the exact number of reps and sets you need to do maximum gains.

Free jelqing videosThe most popular professional jelqing video collection DVD is without doubt the one provided by PenisHealth. This DVD has been professionally produced by one of the most respected design companies in the United Kingdom. In addition to jelquing videos, the PenisHealth DVD contains every penis exercise from the PenisHealth program complete with videos which include commentary to leave you in no doubt how to perform the exercises correctly for maximum gains.

The PenisHealth DVD contains:

  • 34 PenisHealth™ exercises in full screen videos
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  • High quality packaging to keep the disc in top condition

This jelquing video collection DVD is included in the PenisHealth exercise program. The total package, i.e. PenisHealth online access and the DVD, costs $69.95USD. A cheaper option is to join the PenisHealth program alone for as little as $49.95USD and get instant online access to all penis exercise videos including a large collection of jelqing videos.

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