Penis exercises (also known as penis enlargement exercises) have been used for thousand of years for penis growth and sexual enhancement. But only in recent years that medical research has demonstrated that penile exercises can really increase penile length and girth. Furthermore, clinical trials have proved that natural penile enlargement is not the only benefit of penis exercises.

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Benefits of penile exercises
How do penile exercises work?
Popular penile exercises
How can penis exercise programs help you?

Benefits of penis exercises

Penis enlargement exercises have many benefits to your sexual life. These include:

  • Increase your penile length
  • Increase your penile girth
  • Help you maintain harder and longer lasting erections
  • Helping you last longer in bed
  • Boosting your semen volume during ejaculation
  • Help you have more control over you ejaculations
  • Improve your overall sexual health.

The above benefits will positively affect your life and send your confidence sky high. Just picture yourself with a longer and thicker penis, having rock hard erections and higher ejaculate volume with more control over your ejaculation and can last longer in bed, and above all make any woman screaming of pleasure and begging for more and see how much your confidence will increase. You can do all this with proper penis exercises. So how do penis exercises work?

How do penis enlargement exercises work?

The penile size is limited by the size of your Corpora Cavernosa (i.e. the two blood holding chambers on top of your penis). Penis enlargement exercises help you increase the capacity of the Corpora Cavernosa to hold more blood resulting in bigger erections. Regular penile exercises will boost your penile length as well as your penis girth as the Corpora Cavernosa get larger to adapt to the increased blood flow into your penile area.

Popular penis enlargement exercises

There are many variations of penis exercise. Some exercises are used to increase the penis girth; others help increase the penile length, while some exercises are used to improve sexual performance. The most popular penile exercises are:


Jelqing, also known as jelking and jelquing, is an ancient male enhancement technique that has been used for centuries by men in the Middle East to enlarge their penises and improve their sexual performance. If done correctly, jelqing exercises can increase penis length and girth.


Stretching exercises tend to increase the penis length by stretching the erectile tissues of your penis. This type of penile exercises can also (but to a lesser extent) increase penis girth.

How can penis exercise programs help you?

Penile exercises need to be targeted and accurately executed for them to be effective. Exercise programs such as PenisHealth will help you achieve what you want from the exercises by providing you with tutorials, e.g. jelqing videos and pictures, ranging from basic to advanced; technical support and access to forums where other people just like you are sharing their progress and personal experience. The quality of the penis exercise program is important for the effectiveness and the success of penile enlargement exercises.


Penile enlargement exercises are a great addition to any penis enlargement program you choose. In addition to improving your all around sexual performance and increasing your penile length and girth, penile exercises can speed up your again when used along penis extenders. However, to get maximum benefits from these exercises, it is highly recommended that you follow instructions available from a professional penis enlargement program.


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