How to increase penis girth? This is a question that is rarely mentioned whenever a guy thinks about his penile size. The first thing to come to mind is always the length . Although the penile length is important, the penis girth is just as important for anyone who wants to be a winner in bed.

Why do you want a large penile girth?

Increasing penis girth has many benefits to your sex life. The fact is that all the nerve endings that give immense pleasure to a woman are located within the vagina’s first couple of inches. This means that women are bound to like a large girth penis that can really stretch those inches.

But what if you have a thin penis? Is it possible to increase your penile girth? The answer is a big YES; you can increase your penis girth at home. So let's have a brief look at how you can increase your penis girth.

How to increase penis girth naturally?

If you have a thin penis and want to increase girth then there are few solutions for you. However, you should know that whatever the solution is, it’s not going to work its magic overnight. The best method to increase penis girth naturally is to use a combination of penis girth enlargement exercises and a medical penis extender.

Increasing penis girth with enhancement exercises

Penis girth enhancement exercises are an affordable and safe solution to a larger penis girth. Girth enlargement exercises are without doubt the most effective method to increase your penis girth.

Increasing your penis girth with penile exercises can be slow and require regular exercising and will depend on how much time and effort you put into these girth enhancement exercises.

To speed up the process, it is highly recommend that you use a complete penis girth enlargement system that includes a medically certified penile extender in addition to a professional penile exercise program.

Increasing penis girth with penis extenders

Another way to increase your penis girth is the use of penile extenders. These penis enlargement devices are in fact more effective as a way to increase the penile length. However, a quality penis extender will also add up to 1 inch to your penile girth, because the body tries to maintain a balance between your penile length and girth.

Increasing penis girth with penile enlargement systems

The fastest and most effective method to increase your penile girth is definitely the use of a penile enlargement system consisting of a medically certified penis extender and a penile exercise program.

Penile girth enhancement exercises are a must if you want to increase your penis girth, whether you use an enlarger device or not, while a penile extender is recommended to speed up and improve your girth gains.

Some men have reported more than 1 inch increase in penile girth and in less time by using a penile girth enhancement system. A highly recommended girth enlargement system is the Sizegenetics Ultimate System.

Other methods to increase penile girth

You must have also heard of penile pumps and girth enhancement surgery using penile implants. None of these methods is recommended as they are ineffective and unsafe.

Penile pumps are more suited to make your penis longer and won’t be of much use when it comes to increasing your penis girth. More importantly, pumps are known to cause severe injuries such as vascular damage which can lead to erectile dysfunction.


If you’re looking to increase your penis girth a few inches, then you should definitely try penile girth enhancement exercises. These girth enhancement techniques can definitely help you get a larger penis girth and put a smile on any woman’s face, which in turn can increase your confidence in bed and make you really happy with yourself.

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