The issue of penis size and whether it does matter to women has been discussed and researched for centuries. The general belief among men is that a bigger penis is better. For a guy the sentence he most fears to hear is “You’ve got a small penis”. The size of his endowment is not only a measure of his sexual prowess but also a great source of confidence. So does penile size matter to women?

Researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson have said that the penile size  doesn’t matter when it comes to a woman sexual satisfaction since the vagina adapts to fit any size, but not everyone agrees with them.

In 2001, a research study published in the BMC Women's Health concluded that the size of the penis does in fact matter when it comes to women sexual satisfaction. In this study 50 women were asked the following question: "In having sex, which feels better, length of penis or width of penis?" A large majority, 45 of 50 women, reported that size matters and that penis girth in particular was more important than penile length.

You may have never heard a woman complaining about the penile size, and many women will tell you that size doesn't matter. Women are a mysterious species and there is no definitive answer of what women want. Women won’t tell you the truth, and most of them find it very inappropriate to talk about penile size or to ask a man how big his endowment is before sleeping with him. Instead, a woman will go out with man for a few days, weeks or even months but is then disappointed with what she find. She likes the guy, but she needs to move on if she is to be sexually satisfied.

After all and despite everything we know or we don’t know about women preference, a fatter penis has an evident wow effect, prompts instant admiration and provides women with a greater feeling of fullness and satisfaction.